Untitled POP-UP

at UltraSuperNew Gallery

Date: 31/5/2024
15:00 -22:00

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We buy and sell records…

Radio Observatory

Radio Observatory

Broadcasting underground music on Soundcloud by LIFE FORCE DJs : MaNA, inna, Cossato, pAradice, Ginji and Novva every other week.


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Sound Design

Soundman Asada, an original member of LIFE FORCE, discussed the relationship between sound quality and dance floors in a special feature of the RA: “Sound Design in Space” .

Sound Design

Visual Lighting

MIXER = VISUAL + LIGHTING + PROJECTOR is a technique of performing long mixing while abstract graphics are controlled in real time, and psychedelically directing party space.


History (Coming Soon)

I intended to introduce the shock which I’ve got in Techno Rave received in my life in Britain that for more than 25 years ago. life in the UK couldn’t exist without music… written by Massa

History (Coming Soon)