Reservations and admission


□ Reservation




・Please save the auto-reply mail and present it at the entrance.

□ Advanced Ticket



・Please save the auto-reply mail and present it at the entrance.

□ Entrance

Admission with reservation: 7,500 yen
・Admission includes parking and tent space.

Admission without reservation: 8,000 yen


・If you made a reservation or bought an advance ticket, please save an automatic reply mail and show it at the entrance.







Please receive your wristband and parking ticket at the reception, and wear your wristband when you enter.

The campsite is not an auto campsite, so please refrain from entering by car.

The wristband is valid for one night and two days from 5th to 6th. If you show it to the staff when you enter or leave the hall, you can enter or leave at any time. If you lose your wristband, we will not reissue it regardless of the reason, so please be careful not to lose it or damage it.

Admission is free for children up to high school students accompanying their parents.

As a general rule, please refrain from entering with pets such as dogs and cats.

□ Date

10/5 (Sat) 12:00 Open / 15:00 Start
10/6 (Sun) 11:00 Sound Stop / 15:00 Close

□ Venue

ヒーリングガーデン たかなみ Takanami Pond Camp Site

⇒会場へのアクセスはこちら (Access)


・An open fire such as a bonfire is prohibited.
・It gets cold at night, so please prepare your own cold weather gear.
・We don’t sell food, so please prepare your own.
・The cafeteria at the campsite is open during the day.